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Multi-Day Trips and Why You Should Do Them

I have several clients each year that book strings of trips 3-4 days in a row. These are some of my favorite trips I do all year. Some people want to trophy hunt, some want to work on skills/technique, and some just want a fishing getaway. Whatever the case, I'll knock off $25 for each day of a series that is 3 or more days.

Booking a series of days is not just good business for me, but there are many advantages to YOU, the client. Here are some of the reasons that you should book multi-day trips:

Trophy Hunters Read This!

For the serious trophy angler, this is an EXCELLENT way to improve your odds of boating a giant. The bite fluctuates from day to day, and if you only book one day, your odds of having one of those good days is 1/365. But it is VERY rare that we have two days in a row where we can't boat a big one. Carter's is probably the best lake in the country to find a trophy-sized spotted bass, and if you book 3 or more days with me, your chances of getting that fish of a lifetime are VERY good.

In the past, when I have a trophy-hunting trip, I will announce it on my Facebook page and let people know the hunt is coming up. Then I post progress updates each day and let the fans comment and cheer us on. It is a lot of for all of us. Especially when we post the "mission-accomplished" monster we've been searching for!

When to book a trophy series: If you're going to book a trophy hunt several months in advance, I'd recommend two times of year:

  1. The late-year bite starting about mid-November and running through early February always turns up giants. We can float-n-fly, jerkbaits, swim baits, and of course this is the best time of year for monster spots on a football jig.
  2. The spring spawn is the other great time to catch a big one. Really starting in mid-March through the month of May. Fish are sensitive to weather at this time, so booking a series really improves your odds of boating your trophy.

Technique Mastering

A single full-day trip might sound like a lot of time to work on one technique, but booking 3 or more days will give you different conditions and more time to learn the details that help you truly master a technique. If you're an angler and want to master a certain technique, like dropshot, jig fishing, jerkbaits, or topwater, then book a series with me. We'll go in depth to be sure you have the skills you need to repeat the success on your own boat

On the flip side, there are times of the year when "junk fishing" techniques prevail. If you want a general understanding of many types of techniques, bring your notebook and listen up. In 3 days we can run 6 or 8 vastly different techniques that you can use to help improve your game.

Weather and Whether

One of the hallmarks of being a good fisherman is being able to adapt to the weather, and for us, the weather is ALWAYS changing. It is probably most stable and predictable during the summer, but the other 3 seasons are HIGHLY variable. Bad weather isn't necessarily a bad thing though --sometimes a cold front or nasty storm can jazz them up. Booking a series will likely expose you to different conditions that can help your game and increase your odds of boating a trophy.

Lodging on the Lake

Inbound from out of state? Carter's Lake Marina has rental cabins right there overlooking the water. They're actually pretty nice and will save you the drive to/from the lake (20+ minutes to closest hotel). Call Denise at 706-276-4891 and tell her you're fishing with me. She'll take good care of you. You can visit the Carter's Lake Marina web site at carterslake.com

Booking Multi-Day Trips

Booking multi-day trips is easy. Just send a Booking Request (link below) with your desired start date and let me know that you want to do a series. I'll check my reservations and get in touch with you about availability.

multi-day-guided fishing trips

Spot Slug-Fest

Alabama native Spencer L., former marketing executive with Bassmaster Magazine, along with his good friend Don from Arkansas hired me for 3 days last January. We boated over 50 fish in our 3 days with a lot of solid spotted bass but on the 3rd and last day Spencer set the hook on this monster 5lb+ spot.

guided fishing huge spots 1

Dr. Ted on a Lunker Hunt

One of my favorite series that I've done was with Dr. Ted Q. from Louisville, KY. Ted came down to book a Thursday-Friday-Saturday series with me to catch BIG spots. He wasn't interested in numbers, he just wanted one over 5 lbs. That mission in mind, we went to work with our Facebook fans following the hunt. Day 1 showed up strong with two fish over 5, one of which was pushing 6 lbs. Day 2 was strong enough that we decided to fish the Saturday tournament (hey, we're out there fishing anyway. Might as well jump in, right?). We thought 17lbs in spots was a heavy bag, but they were biting so good that we placed 5th overall. Still, a ton of fun for both of us.

guided fishing huge spots 1

Spring Slam

Retiree David T. from east Tennessee booked a series in May, which I gotta tell you folks, fishing Carter's in May is ridiculous. I lost count of how many fish we caught over 4 lbs. We had a great few days none of us will soon forget.

guided fishing huge spots 1