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Pre-Spawn Vartiety

This video was also shot 04/15/10, same day as the last video featuring the Fish Head Spin. Spring time always offers a wide variety of patterns in virtually every water column. In this video we show a few different patterns that was going on the same day. We start the morning fishing windy main-lake structure with big spinnerbaits and scroungers. Then when the sun got high we switched gears and used Pop-R's and Prop Baits around shallow wood and flooded bushes. We also caught numerous fish not featured on jig head squirrel tail worms, drop shots, and a big 5.02 spot under an open water shad school with the 1/2 Fish Head Spin.


If you're interested in catching the meanest bass that swims, drop me a line. I'd love to take you out for a day of spotted bass fishing.


Deflating a Deep-Caught Bass

 At any given time throughout the summer or winter after a tournament weigh in, if you were to put your boat back in the water chances are you would see multiple fish floating belly up around the release area. The reason for this is due to the expansion of their swim bladder. IF A FISH IS RELEASED WITH AN EXPANDED SWIM BLADDER AND LEFT UNATTENDED TO, THE FISH IS DESTINED TO DIE. Most of the time this is caused by catching a fish from 20+ft depths, however I've seen swim bladder expansion in shallow lakes like Weiss and Neely Henry in Alabama where the water reaches mid to upper 90's and the oxygen levels are poor. Our fisheries are under tremendous pressure so we need to take extra precautions to take care of our fish and respect our fisheries. In my opinion this is the quickest, safest method to "fizz" (manually deflate air bladder) a fish with minimal risk to the fish. I've used this method for over 6 years and have fizzed thousands of both bass and stripers. Everyone can do this, it's very inexpensive and takes less than a minute. The needle and syringe can be bought at any drug store for just a few bucks.



Big Spotted Bass on Drop Shot

This video was shot December the 8th during our first major major cold front of the cold season. The high that day was 34 and wind chill of 22 degrees w/ high wind. The Spot was caught on a Red Rooster Custom Drop Shot Fly in "Carters Special" on a 7ft Medium Lite St Croix Avid Rod w/ 5lb Sunline 100% Fluro. I love following shad back in creeks and ditches looking for what I call "loner" spots suspended in open water following bait. Most of the time these fish are traveling alone or with one or two other big spots, they are harder to find but when you do run across them typically they are aggressive and easy to catch. January and February are my favorite cold weather months to target large loner fish w/ my sonar. The Humminbird 3D Sonar is the best Sonar I've ever used for this type of fishing. If you would like to learn where and how to target large spotted bass using you electronics, drop me a line and lets get out on the water soon !!! ~LB